Black Lotus Preorders; Halloween Social+E-Sports Association Collab Pumpkin Carving Recaps

The UBC Anime Club artists group has officially officially (for real this time) completed the anthology now featuring 72 pages of work and we are now taking preorders through this form! All people placing preorders must fill out this form at least in name. However, to get the 10% discount off the end price, please pay the discounted price in cash/card in person to us in advance by meeting us at any of our weekly events on Fridays, or messaging our Facebook page to schedule a time at another time.

$24- Non Anime Club Member
$20- Anime Club Member
10% off- Pay in advance

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Halloween Social on Sunday, and extra thanks to the volunteers as well as impromptu volunteers who helped with cleanup! We hope you enjoyed the night. Truly did we have a villain’s night out, with suffering abound in our games which turned out to be successes! You can see the full album of photos our photographer Rose took in our Blog > Gallery section. Choice moments, as well as the end result of our E-Sports Association pumpkin carving collab weekly, will be under the break.

To improve our future events, it would be great to hear your feedback: please fill out this form at your leisure. 

The night started off with a simple icebreaking game of Atom to get everyone acquainted and unknowingly, into the groups for their demise in the team games. Then the games began!

First came the shaved ice eating contest, which did indeed result in quite the suffering in the form of brain freeze, much to the villainous delight of onlookers.

To warm back up again, our spicy hot fire noodle eating contest came next.

This seemed to go over a little better, and all of our plates were demolished, completely clean!

Lastly, the final eating trial of humiliation and endurance: Eeeeeevil Chubby Bunny. Only 4 brave volunteers stepped up for this one, and it was a brave battle to the very end.

Stab the Knife Into The Protagonist was certainly carried out with much glee, and this time everybody got to participate in a little malice of their own.

We then had an incredible performance by our very own UBC Anime Music (UAM), including an all-new rendition of the very recent Beastars opening Wild Side (which is not the video below)!

Then it was time for the cosplay contest, with a whopping 13 contestants!

Finally, our raffle! Hopefully our prizes went to good homes, because the Rem winner certainly seemed happy!

Everyone capped it off by releasing stress- I mean, our evil rage- onto our dastardly Monokuma pinata, amazingly crafted by our new VPI Yuliya!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who came!

Bonus photo: The E-Sports Pumpkin Carving Collab. Thank you so much to E-Sports for providing the pumpkins so generously and organizing! We hope to do more collabs with them in the future!