UBCAni Halloween Social 2019: A Villain’s Night Out

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of the Society For Unwholesomeness, we are hereby pleased to invite you to a gathering of malevolence and villainy on the night of the 27th. Arrive in your disguise of choice and come prepared for a night full of evil activities, evil prizes, as well as evil refreshments. Oh, and did we mention that we’re evil?

Ticket information, scheduling, cosplay contest and volunteering registration links under the break!

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UBCAni Artists: Black Lotus Anthology announcement & SFUBC Bunny Girl Recap

EDIT: We are accepting submissions of any artwork as long as it doesn’t contain copyrighted material! Please send your work to xcissors@gmaill.com with a title for it and your artist information (name, social media, etc). The printed version will contain 50 pages of this new artwork at the back.

Our artists’ collaborative artbook, the Black Lotus Anthology, is finally complete! We are currently selling digital copies for $5 (members) or $8 (non-members)- approach any exec about it in person or ask during our weekly artist meetups to pay and give your email to receive it. We will eventually be printing physical copies for about $20, so anyone with a digital copy gets $5 off. If interested, you can join our preorder list here: https://forms.gle/rJCXX9Ru46jRPVaF9

Thanks to everyone who came out to the SFUBC Bunny Girl movie outing! Cursed image after the break.

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Drawpile Announcement & 10.4.19 Weekly Recap: Creative Night

We will now be hosting a Drawpile session during every weekly artist meetup that isn’t a workshop/event! Participation is completely optional, but Drawpile is a software that allows multiple artists to draw simultaneously, real-time, on the same digital canvas. It requires a computer with internet access and your method of digital drawing of choice (e.g. graphics tablet), but that’s all! Any artist in the club can join remotely as well. Look out for the session room code and password each week in the #art-discussion channel of our Discord server or in our Facebook group specifically for artists!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first test run, and we hope to see you at future artist meetups! Full resolution canvas can be found here. Closeups and the weekly recap will be under the break.

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2019 Icebreaker: September 26, 5-10pm

It’s just about time for our annual icebreaker event, and we hope you’ve been looking forward to it as much as we have. As always, the icebreaker is an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and learn about what the club can offer you, so come join us as we embark on a night full of games, prizes, and lots and lots of fun. Cosplay is welcomed, and in fact, encouraged, so don’t be afraid to show off those costumes!

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