Artist Spotlight

Do you have an anime-related artwork, fan art, cosplay, video, writing, or any kind of content you’ve made and are proud of? Submit your art to,, message our Instagram, Facebook Page, or contact any exec directly/@exec on Discord.

Rules and restrictions:

  • Don’t forget to include links to your social media or other works! The point of this spotlight is to drive attention to our artists, so feel free to mention if you  have commissions open, etc.
  • Fan art is allowed. You may also use our mascots if you wish.
  • You may provide us with a link to the full image if the size is too restricting to include in the newsletter, otherwise, expect us to scale it down.
  • You can submit something new again after your previous submission is published.
  • Submissions should be tasteful. This means no nudity, sexuality, gore, etc.
  • Both traditional and digital art is fine. However, please ensure that the scan of your traditional art is clear (not too dark, not blurry, etc.)

We have the right to refuse your submission if it does not meet these conditions, or if we want to give other members a chance to feature their work.

Feel free to give us a short description (1-2 sentences) of your submission to include and your name/alias so we can credit you. Please also include something like “Weekly Spotlight” in the title of your email.

Happy drawing!