Event Information

The UBC Anime Club holds a variety of events! Our events include, but are not limited to, the following:

Weekly Anime Showings and Activities

Anime club members playing Rock Band 2 for Gaming Night!
Anime club members playing Rock Band 2 for Gaming Night!

Every Friday during the school term, members of the club meet up to watch anime, enjoy dinner together and then conclude the night with a unique activity.

Typically, the anime we watch are those of new seasonal anime that are currently airing in Japan. The activities are different every week, but just to name a few: Karaoke, Video Games, Manga Round Robin, Boardgames, Food Outings and more! Keep up to date on what’s next by reading our Newsletter.

Artists Workshops & Meetups

The UBCAni Artists’ Group meets every week at the same times as showings and some weeks various members of the group host and teach different skills such as the animation and cosplay workshops. Feel free to join and hang out even if you’re not an artist yourself but want to learn! We now try to host Drawpiles during our meetups- click here to find out more!

Occasionally, we also host out-of-campus meetups during weekends where we chill at a cafe and draw. To find information on upcoming workshops and meetups, go to the UBCAni Artists’ Group on Facebook and look for news on our Newsletter.

Club Dances

Two dances are held per year: the Halloween Dance in October and the Valentine’s/White Day Dance in February/March. Cosplay is always present and the event is as much of a social gathering as it is a dance, with raffles, food, prizes, and more. Check out others’ costumes for ideas, come in cosplay yourself, or just hang out and chat!

Cosplay Cafe

The youngest of our events, the annual Cosplay Cafe hosted by the UBC Anime Club attracts fans of cosplay, maids, live entertainment, and of course, desserts and refreshments!

Food Outings

Scattered throughout the year, food outings are a great way to socialize with other anime/manga/cosplay lovers while enjoying fantastic food. Locations, dates, and times are decided by members.


Every summer, the UBC Anime Club visits Minicomi, a smaller convention that helps support local artists.

MiniComi is a family-friendly, free-to-attend, single-day art market held annually in Vancouver. Dozens of artists gather each year to sell art of various forms, such as comics, prints, accessories, plushies, and clay creations. While some artwork is inspired by popular media (such as movies or Japanese animation), others are completely original. We welcome everything!

Check out the Official Minicomi Website for more information.