Our Mascots

Yubi Shiani 結日シアニ

The mascot of UBC Anime Club.

She hopes that one day, using her minimum wage pay from McDonald’s, she will become a famous streamer.

Age: 18

Birthday: May 26

Height: 162cm (5’4″)


Shiani’s first design was illustrated in 2012 by Vice-President Kathy Chen, and named and profiled by President Gloria Chow.

Ushio Tano 潮タノ

The other mascot of UBC Anime Club.

A socially inept computer science student who’s doing his best, but we’re not sure we want him to.

Age: 20

Birthday: June 12

Height: 175 cm (5’9″)


Tano was designed and drawn by 2014-2015’s Creative Director Wan Naruekatpichai and profiled by 2014-2015’s Executive team. Ushio is the name selected from our club naming contest, submitted by Ohno Nene.

Past Graphics and Designs