Our Mascots

Yubi Shiani

Meet Shiani, a girly girl with an edge!10403691_1024052057608554_1820874548264386091_n

Shiani is an 18-year old girl with boundless energy. She is always on the move, seeking out fun, and she loves meeting new people. In fact, one of her favorite things to do is listen to people’s stories about their lives in order to understand them better and broaden her knowledge of the world.

Shiani is friendly and non-judgmental when interacting with strangers or people she doesn’t know well. Around friends, she is extremely funny and silly, and can be quite the prankster at times! Shiani enjoys making people laugh and always goes out of her way to make things 1000% fun for everyone around her.

In her spare time, Shiani likes to design and make her own clothes– all of the clothes in her wardrobe are hand-made. Shiani also enjoys playing tennis with her friends, and she has been dancing ballet since the age of 4. Although she likes a variety of different types of music including Jpop and Jrock, Shiani is quite fond of classical music because she plays the violin.

Despite Shiani’s girly appearance, she is actually fairly interested in extreme sports. It is Shiani’s dream to go sky-diving one day.

Name: Yubi Shiani (結日しあに)

Nickname: “Shiani-tan”

Age: 18

Birthday: May 26

Height: 162cm; 5’4″

Character Item: balloons

Favorite Foods: takoyaki, onigiri, and anything sweet

Favorite Pastimes: fashion design, anime/manga, tennis, ballet, violin

Motto: “1000% FUN”


  • The name “Yubi Shiani” is a wordplay of UBCAni, short for UBC Anime Club. The Kanji used in her last name mean “the day of uniting”.
  • Shiani’s character item is the balloon because balloons make people happy, and Shiani likes to make people happy.
  • Shiani was designed and drawn by Vice-President Kathy Chen, and named and profiled by President Gloria Chow.

Ushio Tano

Tano-kun is UBC Anime Club’s mascot introduced in 2014!10393975_1024052037608556_3834320894797324440_n

Tanokun is a first year student, like Shiani. In contrast to the energetic Shiani, he is calm and mature but also friendly towards everyone he meets. His favorite past time is to play all kinds of video games. He often enjoys exploring the world of alternate reality on his own but always welcomes friends to play multi-players games.

Name: Tano Ushio (タノ 汐)

Nickname: Tano-kun

Age: 18

Birthday: May

Height: 175 cm; 5’7″

Blood type: AB

Favorite color: Ocean Blue

Character Item: UBC pattern hat, scarf, handheld video game

Favorite Foods: Black coffee, katsudon, tonkotsu ramen

Favorite Pastimes: Video games, drawing, reading, swimming, kendo, breakdancing, electric guitar


  • Ushio is the name selected from our club naming contest, submitted by Ohno Nene
  • Tano-kun was designed and drawn by 2014-2015’s Creative Director Wan Naruekatpichai and profiled by 2014-2015’s Executive team.
  • Tano’s and Shiani’s names put together make “tanoshi”! (楽しい, “fun”/”pleasant”)