Our Club

The Official Description:

The UBC Anime Club is a student organization under the Alma Mater Society at the University of British Columbia. As members of this wonderful student club, we gather to share our common interest and passion for Japanese animation, better known as “Anime.”

What does the club do?*

The club meets up for a variety of events. For more information on common club events, visit our Facebook Page or Event Information page.

Every Friday starting at 5PM, members of the club gather in Buchanan building on UBC campus to socialize and hang out. Our weekly activity changes every week!

  • Weekly anime showings: Club members meet up every Friday night to watch anime. Episodes for new, airing series are shown weekly and theme nights are held once a month. Club members vote on the shows that they want to see.
  • Weekly artist meetups: Anime brings out a lot of talented artists, and the artist meetups are a place for like minded artistic folks to relax and draw together, doing art trades or collaborative work such as through Drawpile!
  • Weekly activities: We also hold a variety of activities during showings, ranging from anime-themed trivia and board games to dance lessons, karaoke, gaming, and more. The activity assigned to each week can be found in the Events Calendar.

For special events, such as our annual socials and cosplay cafe:

  • Contests: If you’re good at cosplaying or drawing, why not get something out of it? Come participate in our cosplay or art contest to win some great prizes!
  • Collaborations: Our club collaborates with other school clubs for a few of our activities, such as the Cooking Club for bento box making and the Beads & Crafts Club for needle felting sessions. We also work with people outside of the school for activities such as improv nights! Throughout the year, we also collaborate with other university anime clubs, such as SFU and BCIT!
  • Outings: From movies, to the arcade, to dimsum nights, the club holds a variety of food and event outings scattered throughout the year. We will also sometimes meet up during conventions.
  • Workshops and Panels: Ever wondered how bento lunches are made? Or how to cosplay efficiently? Anime club members show off just how skilled they are in a variety of culture and anime-related activities by hosting exclusive workshops and panels. Learn more about Japan and the otaku subculture through enrolling in these events!

What is the benefit of being a member?

Registered members receive:
  • Access to the club library of over 700 DVDs, light novels, and video games. To read about the library rules and catalogue, see the library page.
  • Special discounts from our sponsors
  • Discounted admission for various club-hosted events such as our annual socials, cosplay cafe, and outings.
*You do not have to be a member to participate in any of our weekly activities or events, but you may have to pay a higher entry fee for special events that have one. 

Do you want to become a member of anime club? See membership information for a more detailed list of member benefits.