The UBC Anime Club Library is a collection of Anime DVDs and Light Novels purchased by the club. There’s also a collection of video games temporarily donated by other members that are available for rental.DSC_0714

DVD Catalogue

Light Novel Catalogue

Video Game Catalogue

If you are a member who would like to borrow from the UBC Anime Club DVD library (and can’t make it to the showings), please arrange a time with the Librarian to meet in our clubroom office in The Nest,¬†room 3206C.

Our librarian can be contacted through the club email:, or via Discord. Please check the Execs info page to see how to best directly contact this year’s Librarian. Please include “Library” in your subject header/message.

Basic Rules for Borrowing

  • Limited to maximum of 2 items per member at a time.
  • Please bring something to carry the items in!
  • A $5 dollar deposit is required for each item you borrow.
  • Your club membership card, e-mail address, and phone number are required when asking to borrow something.
  • All items can be borrowed for up to two weeks.
  • The borrowed item is the borrower’s responsibility. All of our items are in good condition (if not perfect¬†condition). If there are any scratches/damage that may incur while you are borrowing, you will have to replace what you borrowed by paying the full value, plus tax.
  • For Light Novels, do not fold the corners of the page as it will wear down over time. Please use an actual bookmark of some form to track your place.
  • If the Light novel is lost, you will also have to replace what you borrowed by paying the full value, plus tax. If a game is lost, you must replace it with a new copy of the game to compensate.
  • You will be subjected to late fees if you returned the book late after the two week maximum period. You are required to pay an additional +$1 for every additional day you hold onto the book pass the 2 week limit (excluding weekends and holidays). Expect a quick e-mail or phone call when approaching thedeadline for a reminder sometime during the second week.
  • All policies are subject to change. Please check this page or with an executive, should there be any confusion.

WARNING: The library is for the private home use of club members ONLY! Copying and distribution of (eg. like a movie theatre) any material is illegal! UBC Anime Club reserves the right to refuse your rental if there is suspicion of such events occurring.