Contact Info

Feel free to contact us if you are curious about membership, events, sponsors, or just about anything related to the club!

Email Address


Message our Instagram if you ever have any questions, and follow us to get update posts on upcoming events!

Discord Server

If you’re not already in it, join our Discord server to chat to the club’s community. You can reach execs there by pinging anyone labeled exec, which will be shown in the top right if anyone is online. Events and other important information will be announced in our #announcements channel. We usually respond the fastest on Discord.

Facebook Page

Our Facebook group is where we post announcements, host events, and share other media such as photos. Be sure to join it to make sure you’re up to date on our events, as RSVPing by pressing “going” on special events will usually have benefits!

Still have questions that you don’t feel satisfied asking through these online platforms? Message us to schedule an in person meeting at our club room in UBC’s AMS Nest at room 3206C. You can also drop in to hang out- though we can’t guarantee an exec will be there at all hours, you can find a lot of us just chilling there throughout the day.

Mailing Address

Box 107
6138 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1