Meet the 2022-2023 exec team!

You can reach us on our Discord, Instagram, Facebook Page, or send us an email at ubcani@gmail.com.



4th Year, CPSC

Discord: poff#5814 

Favorite Weeb Stuff

I love Shiani and Tano!   

Other Hobbies

Art, design, animation, and everything inbetween!

Super Cool Bio   

Come say hi!      

Afiq Aqlan

Vice President

3rd Year, Political Science

Discord: Arcadius#0319

Favorite Weeb Stuff

League of Legends

Other Hobbies

Games (League of Legends)

Super Cool Bio

I dont watch anime



4th Year, Political Science

Discord: kyami#0001

Favorite Weeb Stuff                                                               

I’m not a weeb.

Other Hobbies

Vidya (STEAM DECK ENJOYER), watching documentaries (especially nature <3), loving ditto, digital art, and hugging my plushies 🙂

Super Cool Bio


Ray Raffaele

Marketing Director

3rd Year, Biology+Oceanography

Discord: jammy#1108

Favorite Weeb Stuff 

I’m gatekeeping all my favorite shows you gotta ask me for that triple A creme de la creme anime if you wanna know

Other Hobbies

Nuh uh…

Super Cool Bio

You should check out the newsletter!!!! I write it its really fun and cool.

Naomi Loy

Events Coordinator

4th Year, Cognitive Systems

Discord: robomii#3454

Favorite Weeb Stuff

VOCALOID, rhythm games, nijisanji, psychological animanga, odottemita

Other Hobbies

I love video essays and making mid-tier bentos for lunch (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Super Cool Bio   

(人 •͈ᴗ•͈) *me thinking about hanging w ubcani

* (❁´◡`❁) *me in the clubroom or at weeklies*

(come talk to me anytime, I would love to meet you! ♡)


Creative Director

3rd Year, Asian Studies

Discord: chary#2263

Favorite Weeb Stuff

shows w pretty art/animations!!


I make my own waifus 🙂

Other Hobbies

horror games, sports, drawing at cute cafes~

Super Cool Bio     

i draw because im a simp (*ᴗ͈ ̫ᴗ͈)ꕤ*.゚

Nick van Gruen

Weekly Coordinator

5th Year, Bachelor of Education

Discord: Nickname#4508

Favorite Weeb Stuff

FMAB, One Piece, HxH, Persona, Minako Yoshida, Kill la Kill, Mob Psycho, CSM, Kaguya-Sama, Nintendo!

Other Hobbies

Listening to music, especially: Classic Rock (Doors, Rolling Stones, CCR, The Who) and Daft Punk! also video games

Super Cool Bio


Spencer Terry

Social Media Coordinator

3rd Year, Geology

Discord: previasens#0003

Favorite Weeb Stuff   

Anything pokemon related, Blue Lock, psychological horror manga, fantasy webnovels, anything bladerunner/cyberpunk core!

Other Hobbies

Most sports: volleyball, ultimate, basketball, soccer, baseball. I also play a lot of fps games and will enjoy anything if it’s sunny and warm

Super Cool Bio

If you’re Rika from pokemon SV please talk to me

Matthew Chau

Sponsorship Coordinator

3rd Year Physics

Discord: Tako_Jamnut#8642

Favorite Weeb Stuff

Down bad horrendous for Ninomae Ina’nis

Favorite anime being Demon Slayer, Yuru Camp, and Edgerunners

Other Hobbies

Watches vtubers, Sweaty stradegy gamer, does Muay Thai

Super Cool Bio 



Screenings Director

3rd Year, Natural Resource Conservation

Discord: Acer#8597

Favorite Weeb Stuff

the anime art

Other Hobbies

drtwaing, uhhhh trees, uh gamesf

Super Cool Bio

im a real person i promise im real please beleive me im a real person please