UBC Anime Club Valentine’s Social 2022: Love is War!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 19th! Better a little late than never, we are finally glad to announce that we are going through with our Valentine’s event in person. This year, the event will be themed around the war of the deres- tsun, yan, kuu, dan, or just plain old dere, fight to prove that your dere of choice is justice!

When: 5PM – 10PM, Saturday, February 19th 2022
Where: AMS Nest Room 2306/2309, UBC Campus

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/6992921060782962



5:00 – Door opens, registration
5:20 – Introductions
5:30 – Game 1: Which Dere Are You?
6:00 – Game 2: I Can’t Believe You’re This Stupid, Baka! (Trivia)
6:30 – Game 3: Fireworks Confessions
7:00 – Dinner and mingle
7:30 – UBC Anime Music Performance
8:00 – 8:30: Cosplay Contest
8:30 – 9:00 – Prize raffle, Pinata
9:00 – Dance, courtesy of DJ Arka. Request a song through this form!



Please note, unlike our Icebreaker event, this is a ticketed event. An Early Bird discount is available for those who register before the day of the event! Simply approach an exec about buying a ticket at this Friday’s weekly, or contact us directly either via email or @exec on Discord!

Early Bird prices:
$7 for UBCAni members
$9 for non-UBCAni members
At the door:
$8 for UBCAni members
$10 for non-UBCAni members

How to buy tickets:
Please approach an exec at our weekly event to pay for a ticket in-person. If you are unable to attend our weekly, please directly contact an exec either by DMing via Discord or via email to ubcani@gmail.com to make arrangements either to meet at our clubroom at another time, or to pay via e-transfer (last resort). Otherwise, tickets can be bought at the door upon entry. We accept cash and debit/credit.


Raffle prize tickets

  • +1 upon entry
  • +1 for current UBCAni members
  • +1 for RSVPing to our Facebook event, which will be checked at the door
  • +1 to +3 depending on how many of our games you win!
  • +1 for Nitro boosting our Discord server

Large prize:
Racing Miku Kimono ver. figure generously provided by our sponsor, Anime Bargain Bin! Use our sponsor code UBCANI at checkout for 10% off purchases! https://animebargainbin.com/
Medium prizes:
Fate series plastic folders
Genshin Impact ini figures
Small prizes: Assorted weeb keychains


Cosplay Contest
There are 3 categories attendees are eligible to win, each with their own prize! Please fill out this form before the contest if you wish to enter!
Best Craftsmanship: $20 Fabricland Gift Certificate
Audience’s Choice: Pink Pizza-holding Pengy
Judge’s Choice: Blue Pengy


Volunteers wanted!
Interested in helping out? We’re always looking for volunteers! Perks of volunteering include free entry to the event as well as +3 raffle tickets as thanks for your generosity. Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering to see what types of volunteering we need and so we can contact you!


Important info regarding COVID policies
This is a reminder that we will be requiring all attendees at the event to have their vaccine passport and proof of double vaccination available to be checked at the door. We reserve the right to refuse entry to those who will not show proof or are not vaccinated. Additionally, before attending any in-person events, you must complete a self-assessment for Covid-19 symptoms. Under absolutely no circumstances should you attend any in-person event if you are sick, “just a little bit” sick, or even maybe-sick! If you are sick, please stay home.