Summer Showing #5: Week of July 28th

This week we will be showing the beloved My Neighbour Totoro- an anime classic and one of the best known anime movies!

After dinner break, we will move onto the ever-popular Karaoke Night in BUCH A201! As usual, we’ll be using the queue system to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance at singing. All levels of experience are welcome! Need a partner for a duet? Try asking on our Facebook group; all of our members are friendly! >> Read More

Summer Showing #4: Week of July 21st

This week’s showing is a combination of a Theme Night and a Dinner Outing! This night is dedicated to several anime that are based off iconic video games: Pokemon Movie 4: Celebi – Voice of the Forest, Sonic X, and the Rockman.EXE movie!

At 7:00PM, immediately after the anime ends, we will all bus to Sanpachi Ramen on Broadway for a Friday night dinner outing. If it is more convenient for you, you may also meet us at 7:30PM at the restaurant. If you would like to attend, you must RSVP by Monday July 22nd 11:59PM either through the Facebook Event Page or by emailing us! >> Read More

UBCAni at Anime Evolution 2013

Hi hi, everyone~! It’s been a while!

Shiani here with my report on Anime Evolution, and what our time there was like! >w<

So like many clubs and organizations that had a table at Anime Evolution, we got a table near the back of the Vendors’ Hall. We got a good view of all the cosplayers passing by, but I wonder if they got a good view of our table? >u<

It was great when people dropped by to say hi and sign up for our mailing list~! Uwaaah~ The new year hasn’t even started yet, and people are already interested in joining the club~! <3
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UBCAni at Minicomi 2013

Hiya, everyone~!

It’s Shiani again, here with the club’s experience at Minicomi this past weekend on July 6th, 2013!

Our table wasn’t as extravagantly decorated as the one we had at Anime Evolution, but we still made it special~! <3
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UBCAni at Minicomi on July 6th

We will have a table at Minicomi this Saturday from 10am-5pm in the UBC SUB Ballroom! If you missed our special surprise during Anime Evolution, you can still come to our booth at MiniComi and say this password to one of the execs: “Shiani-ism”. Come visit us to learn more about club, or just to chat!

Link to Minicomi Facebook event page: here