UBCAni at Anime Evolution 2013

Hi hi, everyone~! It’s been a while!

Shiani here with my report on Anime Evolution, and what our time there was like! >w<

So like many clubs and organizations that had a table at Anime Evolution, we got a table near the back of the Vendors’ Hall. We got a good view of all the cosplayers passing by, but I wonder if they got a good view of our table? >u<

It was great when people dropped by to say hi and sign up for our mailing list~! Uwaaah~ The new year hasn’t even started yet, and people are already interested in joining the club~! <3

Inspector Akane Tsunemori decided to help us out on Saturday! >w<


Upon closer inspection, you can see how pretty our table looks! <3

And, I don’t know how this happened, but all of a sudden, the executives were playing Mario Kart DS with each other behind the table! O A O;; I guess that’s what happens when you have a hot room and a couple of DSes. ; w ;”

There weren’t as many panels as previous years, but there definitely wasn’t a shortage of things to do at the con!

There were a lot of Shingeki no Kyoujin/Attack on Titan cosplayers that weekend, too! o A o  And you could tell that they worked hard on their 3D gear, which looks so complex * A * (For those who don’t know the series, the 3D gear is the big mechanic metal stuff attached to their belts that carry their swords and propel them into the sky to fight giant beings! * A*) Everyone’s 3D gear was unique, because everyone made it in a different way~ Can you guys and girls teach me how to make my own personalized 3D gear? (^3^)

Mikasa Ackerman, ready to attack!
Just like the anime! * w *

Anime Evolution was really lucky this year to have a ton of awesome guests from not only Vancouver and the States, but from Japan as well! Sebastiano Serafini and La Carmina decided to drop by, and I heard they were really friendly! Sadly, I missed them. TAT;; Maybe next time? <3

The Cosplay/Maid Cafe also made a return to AE, this time in the sophisticated Art Gallery of the Student Union Building~! I’m sure the maids had a lot of fun; their smiles were so bright and made you feel all fluffy and warm inside~! <3

I have a photographer friend who told me that he went to the Bishounen Walk-Off that was being held at AE. I didn’t get a chance to go myself, but I heard that everyone was dreamy! * 3 *

There was a carnival event held by a Karneval cosplay group out in the open on the rooftop courtyard of the SUB building. The weekend was perfect for a carnival, too, because the weather was so nice~! I wanted to take a shot at the Target Shooting booth because you have to use a giant water-gun to hit the targets, but I couldn’t stay for long, and the lineup was huge!

A local band called Ryouko was there, too! I think I remembered seeing them at the Cosplay Cafe back in March. o u o There seemed to be more people this time than before, but they were still relaxing to listen to~! I really want an autograph!

It started raining halfway through their performance, so everyone ran for cover. I found myself closer to the stage than I had first planned. ^u^;;; (I hope they didn’t mind~)

And of course, what’s a con without awesome cosplayers~? Vancouverites are so talented with cosplays, wouldn’t you agree?

Galactic beauties Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome of “Macross Frontier” are ready to serve you lunch~! <3
Prince of Tennis cosplayers outside the SUB building~!
A really awesome cosplay of The Weeping Angel and the Doctor of “Doctor Who” passed right by our table! How lucky were we~? >w< <3

That’s all for now! The summer convention season is just getting started!

Jaa~ ne! <3

xox Shiani-tan~