UBCAni at Minicomi 2013

Hiya, everyone~!

It’s Shiani again, here with the club’s experience at Minicomi this past weekend on July 6th, 2013!

Our table wasn’t as extravagantly decorated as the one we had at Anime Evolution, but we still made it special~! <3

This time, the amazing Vongola Primo of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! helped us out at our table! Uwaaaah, so cool~ >w<

Vongola Primo even brought his famiglia with him! I’ll share their photo later on in the post. o u o

Vongola Primo graced us with his presence at our table during Minicomi this year~! >w<

There weren’t as many people as last year, but the atmosphere’s liveliness and light-heartedness seems to have increased almost tenfold, if not one-thousandfold! * 3 *

As you can see, not as crowded, but it definitely isn’t a proper representation of the 1000% fun we experienced there~! o w o

I saw a lot of familiar artists from previous years, as well as new ones. All of them had such amazing art styles, and I hope that I get to see them all again next year~! o w o

And of course, this is an anime-themed event~! What’s an anime-themed event without Vancouver’s stellar cosplayers? >w< Love you!!! <3

“Natsume Yuujinchou” cosplayers! Nyanko-senseiiii~~ * w *

Aaandd… that’s it for now~! Minicomi is meant to model Comiket in Japan, and I think the organizers did a good job! For those who had attended Minicomi, I hope you all had as much fun as I did~ <3

I’ll close the post with this shot of some great Katekyo Hitman Reborn! cosplayers. Is it too late to ask for a group hug? \OUO/

Vongola Primo with his famiglia — portrayed by members of the Famiglia del Tonno cosplay group of Vancouver!

Jaa~ne! <3