UBC Anime Club’s 2022-2023 Exec Team (+ new sponsor!)

A huge thank you to all of the amazing candidates that ran this year. We really do mean it when we say that not only was this year’s roster of exec candidates was unprecedented, with actual contested positions for the first time since 2018 and the first time presidency has been contested since 2016, but it was also a nail-bitingly close race. Every single candidate put their best foot forward, and at points the race was down to just one or two votes. But the people have spoken with their ballots, and this is what they said:

Oleg Chepakovich

Michael Xian

Vice-President Internal
Afiq Aqlan

Vice-President Exeternal
Jacob Zhang

Creative Director

Director of Communications
Ray Raffaele

Events Coordinator
Naomi Loy

Ivan Feng

Spencer Terry

A huge congratulations to the winning candidates, and once again a big thank you to everyone who ran as a potential candidate. Thank you to everyone who ran, and thank you to everyone who voted! It is genuinely wonderful to have so many people who are so enthusiastic to help with the club, and it is with all of you guys’s help that the club can continue to exist and thrive.

Just in time before the year ends, our current VPE Johnny has managed to secure us a sponsorship with pretty much the best arcade in the Lower Mainland, eSpot in Richmond! eSpot has a fantastic selection of weeb arcade games, especially rhythm games (such as maimai, Taiko no Tatsujin, Chunithm, Sound Voltex, Beatmania IIDX, Jubeat, Groove Coaster, Dance Dance Revolution A, Gitadora, Project Diva) racing games like Initial D Infinity 8, and many more!

UBC Anime Club members are now entitled to a 5% discount for PASELI, the currency used to pay for playing rhythm games like the ones mentioned above, by showing your membership card and matching ID at the service counter. Though Richmond may seem far away, having done a club outing to eSpot before, we can say with confidence this is the best arcade in Vancouver for weebs and is worth travelling to. 

eSpot, 8181 Cambie Rd. #1000, Richmond, BC V6X 3X9
Mon – Thurs: 2PM – 1AM
Fri – Sun: 2PM – 2AM

Interested in other discounts you may be eligible for in stores around Vancouver thanks to your UBCAni membership? Make sure to check our full list of sponsors and discounts here


It’s been a long and crazy year, UBCAni’s first year back fully in person after the pandemic, and hopefully we’ve made a good impression on what it takes to be an exec and how this club runs. It’s finally time for the great handover- UBC Anime Club’s new executive elections will be happening this Friday, along with the Annual General Meeting where we hear your concerns and feedback on the club as a whole and how it is run. Per tradition, in a bid to bring more members to the elections to vote, we will be offering FREE PIZZA to any *UBCAni members who show up to elections in person to vote! We really, really, really need people to vote, because with our record-breaking 400+ members this year and AMS requiring clubs to have at least 40% of their memberbase vote in elections in order to maintain our status as a club, that means we require at minimum close to 200 votes in order to continue existing as a club

Voting will done online via the AMS Campusbase website at this link here, which means that only club members who are UBC students and have joined UBC Anime Club’s Campusbase group are eligible to officially vote, so be sure to join the group before voting. The form will not be open until after elections, but you may use the link above to access it once it does, and you have until noon (12:00PM) Monday, March 28th to vote. The elections will be hosted in person at our usual weekly time and place, starting from 7:00PM onwards in the usual room, Buchanan A201 at UBC. However, in order to encourage voting as much as possible even from people who cannot attend in person, the presentations will be streamed in our Discord server in the elections channels. 

5:00PM – Anime Viewings (Buchanan A203): Sabikui Bisco episode 10, Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope), Macross Delta
5:00PM – Artist Meetup (Buchanan A202): Draw.kuku/PChat
6:30PM – Dinner Break
7:15PM – Elections (Buchanan A201)The agenda for elections will be as follows:

  • Call to Order; Opening statements from outing preseident Cole Fairweather & Trisha Wong
  • Approval of the Agenda
  • Executive nominee presentations:
    • President: Oleg Chepakovich
    • Treasurer: Michael Xian, Amar Gill, Nandika
    • Vice-President Internal: Afiq Aqlan
    • Vice-President External: Jacob Zhang, Yu Chen Zou
    • Creative Director: Poff
    • Director of Communications: Ray Raffaele, Danil (Couch), Grace Park
    • Events Coordinator: Naomi, Andre Neville-Hadley
    • Librarian: Ivan Feng, Boris Levashko
    • Secretary: Cyrus Yong, Auritro Roy, Spencer Terry
  • Open Floor (Annual General Meeting)

Time permitting, we may have a shorter Karaoke session if the AGM concludes early.

We would also like to remind everyone that although the recent PHO from BC has relaxed and lifted mask mandates, UBC and AMS are still requiring all attendees to club events to wear masks and show their vaccine passports in order to participate. We reserve the right to deny entry to individuals who do not comply with our event rules. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Cosplay Cafe!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to UBCAni’s Isekaiya cosplay cafe this last Saturday, and an extra huge thank you to all of the incredible volunteers who worked so tirelessly to help make this happen! We hope that despite everything, folks were able to have a good time somehow.  This is the first time since 3 years ago that we have been able to host this event, and with a completely different, coscafe-inexperienced leading exec team, it was a huge learning experience. That’s why we value all of your feedback immensely, to help future exec teams improve upon this huge event. If you have any thoughts, positive or negative, that you would like to share with us so we can improve, please fill out the feedback form here! For the many folks who volunteered to help, we have a special volunteer feedback form for you to fill here.

Photos and videos taken by our event photographer Nandika and other execs/members are now available on our website via the Blog > Gallery tab.

UBCAni Coscafe 2022: The Isekaiya is open!

? Irasshaimase~! ? Get whisked away into an izakaya restaurant in another world – The Isekaiya! UBC Anime Club is finally reopening our biggest event of the year- our annual popup Cosplay Cafe! So do swing by (courtesy of Truck-kun) to try out our home-cooked izakaya food, served by anime characters isekai’d in from all sorts of series, with live entertainment throughout! ?

When: 3:30 – 8:00 PM, Saturday, March 19th, 2022
Where: The Great Hall South, AMS Student Nest, UBC

Due to AMS’s COVID regulations for events, The Isekaiya will be open to UBC Anime Club MEMBERS ONLY (each member has an allowance of a non-member +1), and RESERVATION-ONLY, with entrees being pre-ordered in the registration process. Table groups can be up to 4 guests. There are 3 1-hour waves for guests to choose to dine during:

Wave 1: 4:00 – 5:00PM
Wave 2: 5:30 – 6:30PM
Wave 3: 7:00 – 8:00PM

Please arrive to be seated at least 5 minutes before your wave begins for ample setup time. You are also welcome to show up from doors opening at 3:30PM and stay for the entire event, even if dining for only an hour. We strongly recommend guests to form their adventuring parties (table groups) and sign up together under the same party-name. Lone adventurers without a party may still register as a single, but be prepared to be seated with other singles, brought together through a fateful encounter at The Isekaiya.


There will be a $5 door fee, which will contribute to the guest’s food bill. An additional $2 fee will be charged to non-member guests. We will have a seating area for those who are in the event but not actively dining during a wave and serving drinks/snacks. So, though you may only be dining for one wave of the event, please feel free to enjoy the rest of the live entertainment and mingle. Though we have provided the choice of preferred time slots, due to a first come first served basis we cannot guarantee you will be seated in your first choice.

If you end up unable to attend the event after registering, please contact a club executive via messaging the page, via email (ubcani@gmail.com), or in a DM via Discord.

?? MENU ??

Chicken curry rice – $12
Kitsune udon – $10
Tanuki udon – $10
Vegan bento set: Rice stuffed Inarizushi, riceball, edamame, salted Cabbage – $10
Oden – $12
Okonomiyaki – Limited to 1 per party. – $16

Edamame – $4
Salted cabbage – $4
Miso soup – $3
– No filling, spiced with sesame – $3
– Tuna mayo filling – $4
2x Rice stuffed inarizushi – $4
Dango – $2 for 1 stick, $5 for 3.
Extra rice – $2

Italian soda potions – $5
– Red health potion (Raspberry)
– Blue mana potion (Vanilla)
– Yellow “courage” potion (Mango)
Oolong, green tea, fruit tea – $4
Non alcoholic umeshu – $5


*Subject to change.
Wave 1 Performers: UBC Anime Music live band; Yaseki on piano
Wave 2 Performers: BOYiSH7; Franklin on piano
Wave 3 Performers: BOYiSH7; Assorted volunteer performances
Featuring DJ MikanMaru24’s sets throughout the event!