It’s been a long and crazy year, UBCAni’s first year back fully in person after the pandemic, and hopefully we’ve made a good impression on what it takes to be an exec and how this club runs. It’s finally time for the great handover- UBC Anime Club’s new executive elections will be happening this Friday, along with the Annual General Meeting where we hear your concerns and feedback on the club as a whole and how it is run. Per tradition, in a bid to bring more members to the elections to vote, we will be offering FREE PIZZA to any *UBCAni members who show up to elections in person to vote! We really, really, really need people to vote, because with our record-breaking 400+ members this year and AMS requiring clubs to have at least 40% of their memberbase vote in elections in order to maintain our status as a club, that means we require at minimum close to 200 votes in order to continue existing as a club

Voting will done online via the AMS Campusbase website at this link here, which means that only club members who are UBC students and have joined UBC Anime Club’s Campusbase group are eligible to officially vote, so be sure to join the group before voting. The form will not be open until after elections, but you may use the link above to access it once it does, and you have until noon (12:00PM) Monday, March 28th to vote. The elections will be hosted in person at our usual weekly time and place, starting from 7:00PM onwards in the usual room, Buchanan A201 at UBC. However, in order to encourage voting as much as possible even from people who cannot attend in person, the presentations will be streamed in our Discord server in the elections channels. 

5:00PM – Anime Viewings (Buchanan A203): Sabikui Bisco episode 10, Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope), Macross Delta
5:00PM – Artist Meetup (Buchanan A202): Draw.kuku/PChat
6:30PM – Dinner Break
7:15PM – Elections (Buchanan A201)The agenda for elections will be as follows:

  • Call to Order; Opening statements from outing preseident Cole Fairweather & Trisha Wong
  • Approval of the Agenda
  • Executive nominee presentations:
    • President: Oleg Chepakovich
    • Treasurer: Michael Xian, Amar Gill, Nandika
    • Vice-President Internal: Afiq Aqlan
    • Vice-President External: Jacob Zhang, Yu Chen Zou
    • Creative Director: Poff
    • Director of Communications: Ray Raffaele, Danil (Couch), Grace Park
    • Events Coordinator: Naomi, Andre Neville-Hadley
    • Librarian: Ivan Feng, Boris Levashko
    • Secretary: Cyrus Yong, Auritro Roy, Spencer Terry
  • Open Floor (Annual General Meeting)

Time permitting, we may have a shorter Karaoke session if the AGM concludes early.

We would also like to remind everyone that although the recent PHO from BC has relaxed and lifted mask mandates, UBC and AMS are still requiring all attendees to club events to wear masks and show their vaccine passports in order to participate. We reserve the right to deny entry to individuals who do not comply with our event rules. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

UBCAni Activities in 2020

Despite the insanity of the last few months, UBC Anime Club is determined to continue on with weekly weeby activities, and the newsletter alongside that. We’ll be using Discord as our main platform for all online activities, so be sure to join if you haven’t already, and weeklies take place every Friday from 7:00PM to 10:00PM or later. Updates on what we’ll be doing each week will come through our Facebook group and #events channel in Discord. Give yourself the activities role in our Discord server by typing:

.iam events

to get notified and pinged when we start and other related announcements. The weekly online activitiy will take place from 7:00PM-9:00PM.

Artist meetups in the form of remote Drawpiles are still happening, starting from 9:00PM Fridays! Check the pinned post in the Artist Facebook group or the #art-discussion channel in our Discord server for pings, updates, and our finished canvases (also found in our website’s gallery)! Don’t know what Drawpile is? Find out more and a tutorial here. Give yourself the “artist” role in our Discord server by typing:

.iam artist

Weekly anime showings are also still happening and also starting from 9:00PM, streamed through our Discord. Shows are hand picked each week by our librarian for you to enjoy. Give yourself the “viewings” role in our Discord server by typing:

.iam viewings

This Week’s online Activity: Jackbox

After last week’s successful trial run of Skribblio, we will be running Jackbox games such as Tee K.O., Trivia Murder Party 2, Push the Button, Patently Stupid, and other games from Jackbox 5 and 6! Once again, for specifics on joining the game, please watch our Discord’s #events channel or our Facebook group and join the events role! 

7:00 – 9:00PM: Jackbox Games
9:00 – 10:00PM: Showings
9:00 onwards: Artist meetup Drawpile

As we’re reviving our weekly newsletter (sign up for it here) for our online club activities, with fewer events we have more newsletter real estate to fill. Do you have an anime-related artwork, cosplay, video, or any kind of content you’ve made and are proud of? Email us, or contact us either through our Facebook page or @exec on Discord to submit your work and social media links so we can feature you! 

Black Lotus Preorders; Halloween Social+E-Sports Association Collab Pumpkin Carving Recaps

The UBC Anime Club artists group has officially officially (for real this time) completed the anthology now featuring 72 pages of work and we are now taking preorders through this form! All people placing preorders must fill out this form at least in name. However, to get the 10% discount off the end price, please pay the discounted price in cash/card in person to us in advance by meeting us at any of our weekly events on Fridays, or messaging our Facebook page to schedule a time at another time.

$24- Non Anime Club Member
$20- Anime Club Member
10% off- Pay in advance

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Halloween Social on Sunday, and extra thanks to the volunteers as well as impromptu volunteers who helped with cleanup! We hope you enjoyed the night. Truly did we have a villain’s night out, with suffering abound in our games which turned out to be successes! You can see the full album of photos our photographer Rose took in our Blog > Gallery section. Choice moments, as well as the end result of our E-Sports Association pumpkin carving collab weekly, will be under the break.

To improve our future events, it would be great to hear your feedback: please fill out this form at your leisure. 

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Artist meetup Drawpile tutorial

We will now be hosting a Drawpile session during every weekly artist meetup that isn’t a workshop/event! Participation is completely optional. You can also join remotely from the comfort of your own home! Just keep a lookout for the room code and password in the #art-discussion channel of our club Discord when artist meetups start at 5PM.

Drawpile is a software that allows multiple artists to draw simultaneously, real-time, on the same digital canvas.  This will be a simple tutorial on how to get set up.

What you need:
– Computer with internet connection
– A method of drawing on said computer of your choice, e.g. graphics tablet or mouse.
*Currently does not work on mobile devices.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Drawpile.
    Download it from the website. To our knowledge, older versions don’t work!
  2. Click Session > Join.

3. In the popup window, type the 5 letter room code that execs will put on the projector and in the #art-discussion channel of our Discord server.

4. You will be prompted to enter a password, which will be projected alongside the room code.

5. There are layers and brush controls like most digital drawing programs. Have fun!

Drawpile Announcement & 10.4.19 Weekly Recap: Creative Night

We will now be hosting a Drawpile session during every weekly artist meetup that isn’t a workshop/event! Participation is completely optional, but Drawpile is a software that allows multiple artists to draw simultaneously, real-time, on the same digital canvas. It requires a computer with internet access and your method of digital drawing of choice (e.g. graphics tablet), but that’s all! Any artist in the club can join remotely as well. Look out for the session room code and password each week in the #art-discussion channel of our Discord server or in our Facebook group specifically for artists!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first test run, and we hope to see you at future artist meetups! Full resolution canvas can be found here. Closeups and the weekly recap will be under the break.

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