2018 Clubs Days!

Hey everyone, it’s this time of the year again! We’ll be selling memberships at the AMS Nest from now until Friday. Our booth will be set up from 11:00 to 15:00, so if you’d like to ask questions, or purchase a membership, please swing by!

Memberships entitle you to benefits outlined here. Basically, you will get:

  • At least a 20% discount at all our events
  • Discounts at our sponsors
  • Access to our library
  • … and more

Our pricing will be

  • $10.00; UBC students
  • $15.00; General

As always, returning members will receive a 20% discount on membership, so be sure to bring your old card.

Here is our location this year:

If you don’t end up finding us, have no fear. Look for our sign! (Credits to our Treasurer Hannah for designing and creating this).

See you guys there!

2018 Imagine Day

Welcome back from the summer break! Our executives will be at Imagine Day tomorrow from 13:00 – 16:30, just south of the Earth Sciences Building. If you’re wondering what it is we do, or have any other questions, please drop by!

2018 Election Results

We’d like to extend a big congratulations to the following candidates who will be your 2018-2019 executives!

Edward Zhou

Hannah Choi

Vice President Internal
Justin Oh

Vice President External
Tony Wu

Director of Communications
Max Wei

Peter Lai

Jack Wu

Creative Director
Leonni Antono

Events Coordinator
Chloe Song

Turn-over will be happening sometime in April, and we’ll be continuing to operate as executives until our last event of the year, the Cosplay Cafe.

UBCAni Artists 2017-2018 Anthology

Hey guys!

This year, we’ll be doing an anthology as our artist project! The theme will be fantasy/RPG. Whether it be heroes, demon lords, or magicians, anything fantasy-related will be welcome! The type  of submissions we’ll be accepting are either short comics or an artwork. For the rules:

  • Submissions may only include original characters or either of our mascots
  • The size of the submission should be B5 (with 0.125-inch bleed)
  • For comics, we will expect left-to-right format
  • Please use this format to structure your submission

The deadline will be January 31st, 2018. Please note that there will be no extensions.

Please send your submissions to info@ubcani.com!

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Artbook Pre-orders Up!

Hey guys, we have finally completed the artbook and it is now available for pre-order! This 28 page artbook will showcase the styles and talents of artists from the UBC Anime Club Artists group.

We are currently taking $10 deposits for the artbook, and the tentative price is about $20. Options for payment include cash, or credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will send an invoice to your email address.

The details, including cost breakdowns, can be found at ubcani.com/orders/artbook.

Here are some sample pages that you can expect from the book!

Art Contest: Artbook Cover and 20th Anniversary!

We’re making an artbook this year featuring our many talented artists, and like all books, it will need a cover! We’ll be holding a contest to decide which artwork will be featured. The theme will be UBC Anime Club’s 20th Anniversary.

The art book will be B5 in size. You can choose to submit:
A. A single artwork that fits for both front and back cover
B. An artwork for front cover AND another artwork for back cover

The rules:

  1. You must be a member for the 2016-2017 year.
  2. You may submit multiple entries.
  3. All submissions must be original. This means no content from any other artist, anime, manga, or any other copyrighted material.
  4. Artworks should represent UBC Anime Club in some way – you may use our mascots and logo in your entry as you wish.
  5. Entries must be tasteful – meaning no nudity, gore, etc.

Deadline: 3rd JAN (TUE)
Format: PNG, CMYK

Dimension for A: 13.9″ (13.858″) x 9.8″
Dimension for B: 6.9″x9.8″
Safe zone: 0.25″ inside
Bleed: 0.125″ outside

Send your submissions to our email at info@ubcani.com, with subject line “Artbook Contest”. Please include a few sentences on how your artwork represents the club!

Winner will have their artwork displayed on the artbook cover, and will receive a free copy of the artbook alongside a 10$ gift card of their choice! Submissions that do not win may also be featured inside the artbook as well!

The UBC Anime Club executive team reserves all rights to disqualify submissions at their discretion if any of the above requirements are not met.

Good luck!