2015 Valentine’s Social and Dance

Last weekend we held our annual Valentine’s Social and Dance at UBC! Check out this blog post for a quick recap and event photos. (人´∀`*)

Our amazing cosplay contest participants!

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On Feb 7th, the UBC Anime Club decked out the SUB Partyroom in balloons, streamers, and lots of hearts in preparation for the event, creating a totally cute atmosphere. ♥ Here’s a photo of me and my friend, Tano Ushio, in our special photoshoot room next to the couple umbrella:

Did you take a photo with us?

We did not forget to bring along tons of sweet goodies for everyone, including bowls of candies, chocolate fondue, and brownies. Mmmmm~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) We even brought sparkling juice!

With the scene set and ready, we opened up the night at 6pm with music and mingle time. It was the perfect time to exchange hearts for our Kingdom Hearts activity! Event-goers also had a chance to have a romance tarot card reading from our tarot expert and art commissions from Darkness Studios and Snakey.

W-what is going on here?! o A o)

We started the activities portion of our event with the ever-popular cosplay contest. Eager contestants vying for the title of “Best Cosplay” lined up to strut down the middle and chat about their cosplay with our fabulous MC, *ageha.

Beautiful cosplays galore!

During the judging portion of the contest, *ageha gave us a fantastic, crowd-pumping concert. Thank you, *ageha! (Check out her Facebook page for more music.)

It was difficult to choose among so many excellent cosplays, but only one cosplayer could prevail. The winner of the contest, decided by the executive team, was this wonderful Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) cosplayer. They took home some prizes for the win!


Shortly after, we organized a drawing relay activity that involved people handing down illustrations or words to people in front of them and having them interpret what they were. The prompt was originally “Naruto”, but somehow ended up as ridiculous ideas like “guy on fire” and “goggles”. We only had time for one round, but maybe next time!

Waiting for the paper to arrive….

Then it was time….. FOR DANCING!! ♪ヽ(▽ ̄ )ノ/(_△_)ヽ(  ̄▽)ノ ♫ Music was a mix of fun dance tunes as well as some well-known anime music. Our DJ really ensured that everyone had fun!

The event wrapped up around 10pm. The dancing really tired everyone out, but it looked like everyone really enjoyed it. I know I did~

Thank you for coming! We hope you come next time for our other events (and bring some more friends along, too). Our next event is the Cosplay Cafe, happening on March 14th (White Day).

All of the event photos included here were taken by photographer Alkun. (Check out the album here for all images.)

Until next time~
xoxo Shiani

(PS. Here are some more awesome photos that I think deserve a spot in the blog post!)

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