Valentine’s Social 2020 Recap

Akira (CV: Cole) is at last united with one of the members of the hivemind otomes who completed his route.

A huge thanks to everyone who came and participated! It was an amazing experience, and we hope that you felt the same. We really tried switching things up significantly this time, so we’re really keen to hear your thoughts on how it went. Feedback on how this event was received is really important to us, since club reception is what decides if we repeat something like this again!

Feedback survey link:

As always, photos of the event are available in our Gallery. Highlights under the break.

The games went fairly well, with the best ones being the very creative yet cursed Bento Box creations in the name of true love. Who really won this game? Nobody. We all lose. We lose to food poisoning.

Akira being wooed by one of the hivemind maidens and their horrendous creations.
Explanations for an actually rather impressive six-course meal.

The Kabedon Contest was another highlight, with all 3 hivemind maidens becoming true architects of kabedon hell. See the Gallery for videos of Yuuto’s cursed abomination of a kabedon and Akira’s as well!

The endless circle of kabedon torment for Ryu.

And of course, true love was found as routes were completed…

Each of our wonderful cosplay pairs won a prize of their own in the cosplay contest!

The cosplay contest prizes in question. From left to right: Akira and Akinya, Yuuto and Myuuto, and Ryu with the ultimate prize of all: a Fabricland certificate for future quality craftsmanship.

Enyo as the Campus Cupids perform a…. captivating “skit” for their entry with our three love interests.
Congrats to all of you!

Our raffle prize ladies seemed to go to good homes…

And our Yaranaika Tano, well. He got what he wanted: Death by Lance.

Photos taken moments before disaster.
Photos taken literally in the moment of disaster.

Goodnight, sweet prince.