UBCAni @ UBC Imagine Day 2013

Hiya, mina-san~! Shiani here! With the con season over, it’s time for the execs at the UBC Anime Club to get ready for the new 2013 school year! Let’s jump right in >w<;;

Welcome to the UBC Anime Club! UBCAniによこそ~ <3
Welcome to the UBC Anime Club! UBCAniによこそ~ <3

First off, what is Imagine Day?

Imagine Day is an orientation day for new students to the University of British Columbia, the home of the UBC Anime Club!

During Imagine Day, the new students are led by their MUG leaders from their chosen faculty (Arts, Science, Engineering, etc.), where they can have their questions about school life answered, as well as get a thorough tour of the campus (which is HUUUGEEE * A *) before being taken to a pep rally in the Thunderbird Stadium! \(^▽^@)ノ

After the pep rally.. that’s where we come in! Clubs such as ours and sponsor companies set up booths across Main Mall, so that we can garner interest in potential new members.

Uwoooh~ So many people! * A *
Uwoooh~ So many people! * A *
Hipster Gin-san~ eheheh~ BD
Lookin’ good, Gin-san! BD

The executives and even some of our members volunteered to wear stunning cosplays to attract as many potential contract-signees as possible! * ^*)99 Check some of them out:

Do you see Yata-kun, Fushimi-san? o w o;;
Do you see Yata-kun, Fushimi-san? o w o;;

During the event, we heard about a MUG leader dressed in a Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan cosplay! o A o!! After that, we were literally scouting out through the crowds to see if we can catch a glimpse of this wonderful person!

Lo and behold, she came to us! * w *

Attack on Imagine Day!
Attack on Imagine Day!

During Imagine Day, we held a raffle draw for those who signed up for our mailing list. The prizes, you ask? huhuhu, let’s see~ = w =)*

The raffle prizes for this year's Mailing List Raffle Draw! >w<
The raffle prizes for this year’s Mailing List Raffle Draw! >w<

The prizes included…

  • a Madoka Magica wall scroll
  • a Final Fantasy wall scroll
  • a Rurouni Kenshin wall scroll
  • an assortment of various anime/video game posters
  • 5 free memberships to the UBC Anime Club (COULD YOU BELIEVE THIS ONE?! O A O)

The draws have been made, and the winners have been notified via email. Congratulations! * 3*)//


And that’s all for now, folks!

Please be sure to check us out during Clubs’ Days in the Student Union Building during the 17th, 19th and 20th to officially sign up for our 2013~2014 season! o w o

Also, drop by to say hi! The executives and I would love to meet you all! > w< <3

See you all next time~ Jaa~ne! o w o)//