UBCAni Coscafe 2022: The Isekaiya is open!

? Irasshaimase~! ? Get whisked away into an izakaya restaurant in another world – The Isekaiya! UBC Anime Club is finally reopening our biggest event of the year- our annual popup Cosplay Cafe! So do swing by (courtesy of Truck-kun) to try out our home-cooked izakaya food, served by anime characters isekai’d in from all sorts of series, with live entertainment throughout! ?

When: 3:30 – 8:00 PM, Saturday, March 19th, 2022
Where: The Great Hall South, AMS Student Nest, UBC

Due to AMS’s COVID regulations for events, The Isekaiya will be open to UBC Anime Club MEMBERS ONLY (each member has an allowance of a non-member +1), and RESERVATION-ONLY, with entrees being pre-ordered in the registration process. Table groups can be up to 4 guests. There are 3 1-hour waves for guests to choose to dine during:

Wave 1: 4:00 – 5:00PM
Wave 2: 5:30 – 6:30PM
Wave 3: 7:00 – 8:00PM

Please arrive to be seated at least 5 minutes before your wave begins for ample setup time. You are also welcome to show up from doors opening at 3:30PM and stay for the entire event, even if dining for only an hour. We strongly recommend guests to form their adventuring parties (table groups) and sign up together under the same party-name. Lone adventurers without a party may still register as a single, but be prepared to be seated with other singles, brought together through a fateful encounter at The Isekaiya.


There will be a $5 door fee, which will contribute to the guest’s food bill. An additional $2 fee will be charged to non-member guests. We will have a seating area for those who are in the event but not actively dining during a wave and serving drinks/snacks. So, though you may only be dining for one wave of the event, please feel free to enjoy the rest of the live entertainment and mingle. Though we have provided the choice of preferred time slots, due to a first come first served basis we cannot guarantee you will be seated in your first choice.

If you end up unable to attend the event after registering, please contact a club executive via messaging the page, via email (ubcani@gmail.com), or in a DM via Discord.

?? MENU ??

Chicken curry rice – $12
Kitsune udon – $10
Tanuki udon – $10
Vegan bento set: Rice stuffed Inarizushi, riceball, edamame, salted Cabbage – $10
Oden – $12
Okonomiyaki – Limited to 1 per party. – $16

Edamame – $4
Salted cabbage – $4
Miso soup – $3
– No filling, spiced with sesame – $3
– Tuna mayo filling – $4
2x Rice stuffed inarizushi – $4
Dango – $2 for 1 stick, $5 for 3.
Extra rice – $2

Italian soda potions – $5
– Red health potion (Raspberry)
– Blue mana potion (Vanilla)
– Yellow “courage” potion (Mango)
Oolong, green tea, fruit tea – $4
Non alcoholic umeshu – $5


*Subject to change.
Wave 1 Performers: UBC Anime Music live band; Yaseki on piano
Wave 2 Performers: BOYiSH7; Franklin on piano
Wave 3 Performers: BOYiSH7; Assorted volunteer performances
Featuring DJ MikanMaru24’s sets throughout the event!