UBCAni @ Anime Revolution 2013

Hi hi, everyone!

Shiani here with our experience at Anime Revolution this past weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre in downtown Vancouver. Let’s get started! >w<

Welcome to Anime Revolution 2013! 8D

First off, I have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve been to an anime-themed event that wasn’t hosted at our school, the University of British Columbia. As much as I love my home, it’s great to explore new places and meet new people! >3<;;

Eep… h-hello, Kyuubei… ; A;”

The moment things kicked into high-gear on the first day of con, we got a visitor! Q AQ;; Despite its cute exterior, I wouldn’t trust this particular cutesy creature if I were you! = 3=) It’s none other than Kyuubei, master contractor from the anime, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”! (I’m sorry, Kyuubei.. but I don’t want to be a magical girl. How about we compromise? Q uQ;; )

One of these characters is not like the others... = w=)*
Welcome to the UBC Anime Club Booth! For this particular con, we had a past exec and some members help us out! 8’D
Ki Hiwatari and the MiniComi table! Say hi, Ki~! o w o)///
MiniComi’s president and the Wheel of Misfortune. (We tried to save them… but we were too inferior to its tempting strength! TT nTT)99 )

As usual, we had a table for our club in the Vendor’s Hall, alongside our sister group, the VSCIA, or MiniComi… And they still had their Wheel of Misfortune. (I feel so bad for the people who flew into their fates without knowing what they were getting into~)

And uwah! What a surprise! The Anime Revolution Idol twins, Ally and Sally, finally came back from their trip to Japan and dropped by our table! They were nice enough to talk with us a bit, and even let us take a few pictures of them. Here’s one! <3

The adorable moe Idol twins, Ally and Sally! <3

Now, do you really expect me to stay still at a con this big? Especially with so much going on? >o< Of course I’d go exploring~ Explorer Shiani is on a mission to find awesomeness! >:D

And what did I find on my explorations in the Vendors’ Hall alone? Well…

AR had two cars that were decaled by their sponsors… Take a look! The interiors of the cars were packed full of Hatsune Miku figurines! Wow!!! <3

Senkaku Mei car in the Vendor’s Hall. SO COOL! * A *

Now, during my travels on Saturday, I heard music playing from the distance. o Ao;; It wasn’t just the music you’d hear from a recording, either… It was much more.. alive! o A o! Could it be? Real live performers in the Vendors’ Hall?! KYAAA~! >///w//< THIS I HAD TO SEE!

Ishido and Tony perform! 8D They were so cool! >//w//<

Crunchyroll – who is also one of our wonderful affiliates, by the way (you should check them out, hehe~!) – was holding a livestream on their website of the con! 8D There was a bit of a delay in the video footage and the comments that scrolled across the screen (NicoNicoDouga style! >w<), but they could definitely see and hear us! We talked with the viewers of Crunchyroll a bit before we wandered back into the crowds of the Artist Alleys and Vendors’ Hall.

Famiglia del Tonno’s Yuni poses by Crunchyroll’s KHR banner~!

Like many cons, the Autograph Booths were set up within the Vendor’s Hall. Actually, they were REALLY close to us! o w o Which made it easier for us to rush over to the lineup for autographs! >w<;; KYAA~! And the guests that came to visit Vancouver this year were really famous!

FUNimation actors Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Caitlin Glass and many others came from the States to their first Vancouver con in almost 8 years! o A o;; They were all so happy, and of course, we were all ecstatic to meet them! (Vic and Caitlin will forever be Tamaki-senpai and Haruhi in my otome heart! * ^*)99 )

One of our execs poses with Vic Mignogna! Eep! So sweet <3

Now for a big drumroll, please! >w<;;; Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BOOM-CHII~!! AniRevo had brought in TWO veteran Japanese seiyuus as guests (Kappei Yamaguchi of “Detective Conan”, “ONE PIECE” and “Death Note” fame, and the legendary Tohru Furuya of “Sailor Moon” and the “Gundam” series! * A*), as well as lolita fashion designers of the label, Angelic Pretty, Maki and Asuka! 8’D (They were so pretty, I don’t even… /)////u////(\ )

There were tons of performances in the exhibition halls as well! So many talented musicians in the Vancouver anime community! OUO One of my personal favourites of the convention was the band Lelica!

Enoch-san and Nanoneko-kun from Lelica
Titan-san… please don’t eat Enoch-san! D<

So much more happened, but I can’t fit it all into this blogpost. ; A;” So I’ll finish it off with some awesome cosplay photos we took! >w<;; So many fantastic cosplayers all over Canada Place:

So pretty! * A *;; I wonder if these cosplays were homemade??
K Project! Anna’s being protected by Yata! >//////<
IWATOBI-CHAN!! * A * Talk about a unique cosplay! O W O KYUUN~
FREE!– looking great!!! <3
Ranka and Sheryl cosplayers! I wanted to ask for an autograph n_n;
Ravioli Cleaning Service~! You won’t regret hiring  this Corps. Jäger!^__~*v
2000% love, courtesy of STARISH and Quartet Night~! MY OTOME HEART~! /)////w////(\

Until next time~! Jaa~ne! <3