UBC Anime Club Dinner, Movie and Gift Exchange 2012

Hey~! Hope everyone had a wonderful break <3

This post is about our dinner, gift exchange and movie from December 22nd, 2012. Long story short, it was a blast!  (^▽^)

We had dinner at Toyama Sushi in Downtown Vancouver! \(^0^)/ The food was so yummy! If you’ve never been there, definitely give it a try sometime… Maybe we will have another club outing there in the future! <3

After dinner, we did a gift exchange in Christmas spirit. Members were asked to bring a wrapped gift and we drew numbers and chose presents in the order of our numbers. (>ω<*)ノ

It was pretty funny when some guys received girly gifts. (^。^)/ It was got even better when two of our execs received gifts from each other. (It was clearly fate. ;D) After the fun of the gift exchange, we headed to The Cinemathique to watch a Ghibli film, The Whisper of the Heart.  The movie had a shoujo feel to it and we had a great time watching it with friends! <3


Overall, the event was full of laughs and 1000% FUN~! I wish Christmas came more than once a year… (─‿‿─)

Hope to see you guys again soon in our next event! (^o^)/

♥ xoxox Shiani-tan