UBCAni Halloween Social 2021: This Social Was Made For Me!

It’s finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for- this year, UBC Anime Club’s Halloween Social is back with a vengeance and a very gruesome Junji Ito theme not for the faint of heart. As it is Halloween, we highly encourage attendees to come in cosplay, though it is not required. After all, we have even more prizes up for grabs in both our traditional raffle as well as our Cosplay Contest- more on those prizes next week, so stay tuned!

When: 5PM – 10PM, Saturday, October 30th 2021
Where: AMS Nest Room 2306/2309, UBC Campus


5:00 PM – Doors open, Registration
5:15 PM – Introductions
5:30 PM – This Hole Was Made For You (based on Junji Ito’s The Enigma of Amigara Fault)
6:00 PM – Layers of Fear (based on Junji Ito’s Layers of Fear)
6:30 PM – Um, Actually [Spooky edition]
7:00 PM – Dinner, with 2 complimentary slices of pizza provided to attendees as well as snacks!
7:30 PM – Performances from our very own UBC Anime Music!
8:00 PM – Cosplay Contest
8:30 PM – Prize raffle, LMAOtober raffle, and Pinata
9:00 PM – Dance, courtesy of DJ Arka. Request 1 song/member at this form


Please note, unlike our Icebreaker event, this is a ticketed event. An Early Bird discount is available for those who register before the day of the event! Simply approach an exec about buying a ticket at either of our weeklies by October 29th, or contact us directly either via email or @exec on Discord!  
Early Bird prices: 

  • $10 for UBCAni members
  • $13 for non-UBCAni members

At the door: 

  • $12 for UBCAni members
  • $15 for non-UBCAni members

Raffle prize tickets

  • +1 upon entry
  • +1 for current UBCAni members
  • +1 for RSVPing to our Facebook event, which will be checked at the door
  • +1 to +3 depending on how many of our games you win!

Large prizes:

  • Mordred (Fate) figure
  • Hardcover copy of Junji Ito’s
  • Jack Skellington Nendoroid generously provided by our sponsor, Anime Bargain Bin!

Medium prizes:

  • Archer and Rin (Fate) figure box set (for real this time)
  • Sinon (SAO) figure
  • Fate Apocrypha plastic folder sets

Small prizes: Assorted weeb keychains

Cosplay Contest

There are 3 categories attendees are eligible to win, each with their own prize! Please fill out this form before the contest if you wish to enter! 

  • Best Craftsmanship: $30 Fabricland gift certificate
  • Audience’s Choice: Big ol’ Hamburger Plush (henceforth referred to as Borgar)
  • Judge’s Choice: Big ol’ Bread Plush (henceforth referred to as Funni Bred)

Volunteers wanted!
Interested in helping out? We’re always looking for volunteers! Perks of volunteering include free entry to the event as well as +3 raffle tickets as thanks for your generosity. Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering to see what types of volunteering we need and so we can contact you.

Important info regarding COVID policies
As we’ve been warning over the last few weeks, starting October 24th UBCAni will be forced to check for BC Vaccine Passports indicating full vaccination as well as matching ID at all events according to provincial health policies, and forced to deny entry to any who cannot provide this. As the Halloween Social takes place on the 30th, we are once again reminding you to please apply for your BC Vaccine Passport ASAP if you haven’t already. See the section below for more details on the process.