UBCAni Artists: Black Lotus Anthology announcement & SFUBC Bunny Girl Recap

EDIT: We are accepting submissions of any artwork as long as it doesn’t contain copyrighted material! Please send your work to xcissors@gmaill.com with a title for it and your artist information (name, social media, etc). The printed version will contain 50 pages of this new artwork at the back.

Our artists’ collaborative artbook, the Black Lotus Anthology, is finally complete! We are currently selling digital copies for $5 (members) or $8 (non-members)- approach any exec about it in person or ask during our weekly artist meetups to pay and give your email to receive it. We will eventually be printing physical copies for about $20, so anyone with a digital copy gets $5 off. If interested, you can join our preorder list here: https://forms.gle/rJCXX9Ru46jRPVaF9

Thanks to everyone who came out to the SFUBC Bunny Girl movie outing! Cursed image after the break.

Due to Whitespot regrettably cancelling on us all last minute, attendees split to 3 different restaurants, with group chats for each. Hopefully everyone in each restaurant group got some decent socializing in! And the final verdict on the movie overall? Kino.