Minicomi 2012

Shiani here with a quick review of my experience at Minicomi!

Club banner with me on it!

The artists were early to set up their tables and displays! So much work and preparation! >w<; Of course, our execs were there early to set up the debut of our new banner which featured me :D! On our table we had our own pamphlets, Anime Evolution’s and Anime Revolution’s pamphlets as well. I told the execs not to be too forceful with the advertising, but I heard they did some crazy shameless advertising behind my back. D: If you stopped by to chat, thank you so much! <3

When we got the chance, we would check out the artists and their tables. I saw so many awesome things: cute buttons, amazing posters and so many cosplay accessories! I myself picked up one of the mini-crowns; so cute! Oh, and a Madoka print with Homura >u<! One of my favourite artists and a big supporter of Minicomi was there: Snakey HoHo! Her table was very popular (especially amongst the girls for some reason…)

It got really busy around the afternoon at 1PM when a lot of people started coming in. I looked around and took lots of photos of cosplayers!

Wow! Large crowd at Minicomi!

There were a lot of sports cosplayers at Minicomi this year: Prince of Tennis, Inazuma Eleven and Kukoro no Basket! It’s a good idea to cosplay as characters from sports anime because the weather is getting warmer.

Kuroko no Basket Cosplayers

There was also a great Madoka group, D.Grayman group,  Katekyo Hitman Reborn group and Magnet couple! The Magnet couple made my heart Melt! <3 <3 <3

Magnet ver. Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku = Cute!

Besides the art and cosplayers, there were also games! There was a scavenger hunt where participants would tweet  images from the list of items that they needed to find to the @minicomi account on Twitter. Some of the items included a school girl with a sword and an anime poster! It seemed like a tough contest and the winner got a 3-day pass for Anime Revolution. There was a table featuring games as well: Chopstick Challenge, Wheel of Misfortune and more. I didn’t dare do the Wheel of Misfortune because some of the tasks were too embarrassing. >.> There was a task where the participant would have to sing a duet with someone… Maybe I should have tried that one!

Scary character, but great cosplay! <3 <3

Throughout the day we had some awesome presentations and give-aways! Anime Revolution was running a draw for free passes to Anime Revolution while Go! Go! Nihon! did a presentation on how a student can study Japanese in Japan! It was very interesting~  If anyone is interested in staying in Japan to learn Japanese check out their site!

Afterwards, I went around to check the artists one last time for any deals before it was closing time. We managed to get a Kyubey poster for 50% off when it was closing time, though Kyubey is a little too creepy for my liking…

I was sad to see the artists pack up at the end of the day… Please come back next year, I loved all of your works! <3 <3

Closing time </3

There goes a year of planning and preparation. But I had a lot of fun seeing everyone and meeting all of you there <3! Minicomi was a fun day of games, talented artists and awesome cosplay!

I am so thankful for the Minicomi Committee for their hard work to plan and run Minicomi! I am also thankful to everyone who took part to make Minicomi a success! Thank you attendees and artists for making Minicomi an enjoyable event! I hope that there will be an even more exciting Minicomi next year! ^o^/

Check out the full album of pictures here: [shashin type=”album” id=”17″ size=”small” crop=”y” order=”date” columns=”3″]

xox, Shiani-tan ♥