Spring Art/Creative Contest

The theme for this contest is the season, Spring. The deadline for submission is March 28th. All member submitted art is proudly displayed in our club gallery and the top three artists will receive awesome prizes provided by our sponsors!

 >> Learn MoreThe rules for the art contest are as follows:

Submissions can be of any artistic flavour (sketch, mosaic, creative writing, interpretive dance, etc.). However, if you choose to do an unconventional art style (i.e a dance), please email us with your idea to be approved beforehand.

All art must be:

– Drawn solely by the member submitting it (no collaborations).
– Contain only original characters (or our mascot, Yubi Shiani) to avoid copyright infringement.
-Created completely from scratch; Dance choreography and music, Song lyrics and instrumentals.
– Tasteful. You may draw your character(s) in whatever outfit and pose you want, but please no nudity, suggestive poses, etc.

We reserve the right to ask to see the original .psd file with all of the image’s layers in tact if we suspect of cheating or plagiarism.

Send your submissions to info@ubcani.com or in person at one of our showings, along with your name and membership number.  Best of luck!