Showing #9: Week of February 24th 2013

The activity for this week is a completely new (and highly requested) one: Games Night! Move over PS3 and Wii, this night is all about board and card games! However, some of them have received an anime makeover: Monopoly: Johto Adventures, Clue: Anime Murder, Guess Who: Anime Characters, Mahjong, and Anime-style pictionary! There will also be decks of cards, and several members are planning on bringing their various own games (see the Facebook group for more details).

Friday March 1st at BUCH A104
5:00-6:15 – Psycho- PassTamako Market and Maoyuu Maou
6:15-7:00 – Dinner Break
7:00-7:45 – Group Pictionary
7:45-10:00 – Open Board Games

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