Showing #5: Week of October 21th 2012

This Friday, we will continue on your voted animes. We were a little strapped for time last showing, so we apologize for going over dinner break! We’ll try to avoid that from now on.

In honour of Halloween, this week’s special activity is our very first Theme Night: Horror. The animes we will be showing are Higurashi (When They Cry)Le Portrait de Petit Cossette, and Another. Get ready to be spooked; Halloween is not the best time to be light-hearted!

Friday October 26th at BUCH A104
5:00-6:15 – Anime: Members’ Voted Anime: K 04, Magi 03 and Psycho-Pass 03
6:15-7:00 – Dinner Break
7:00-10:00 – Horror Theme Night: Higurashi (When They Cry) 01-04, Le Portrait de Petit Cossette 01, Another 01

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