Showing #2: Week of September 30th 2012

The Winter season of anime has finally begun! The next two showings, starting with this one, will give you a chance to see what currently airing series you would like to see. Afterwards, you, the members, can decide which shows we continue to watchKeep checking back here for an updated list of what we will watch this Friday!

This week’s activity is an anime club classic, Karaoke. You can sing anything you want, though most members prefer to sing J-pop or Vocaloid songs. We will have two microphones, so you can even do a duet! We will be using a queue system on the chalkboard to decide who sings what next. You can choose music from any internet source, with or without vocals.

Friday October 5th at BUCH A104
5:00-6:15 – Anime: To be decided
6:15-7:00 – Dinner Break
7:00-10:00 – Karaoke: In BUCH A201 (upstairs)