SFU x UBC x BCIT Ani Daigakusai 2020: A Time to Remember Recap

Despite technical difficulties and a rocky start, we hope everybody enjoyed our SFU x UBC x BCIT Ani collaboration event! Photos are available on our website’s gallery. As always, we as clubs greatly value your feedback on how to improve our events in the future, so if you could spare a moment to fill out our feedback form, please do. 

Feedback form link: https://forms.gle/3dE4AywuK1tLY2Nd6

Recap continues after the break!

The opening games kicked into gear with Jank Cosplay. Teams worked with the (VERY) limited amount of cardboard and construction paper they had (i.e. literally one cardboard box per group), and came up with some very creative results.

From left to right: Gundam, Tardis, DeLorean Trueno, Magical Girl Side Character With Tragic Backstory, Dabbing Gundam, Baby Gundam
Jojo trio, from left to right: Dio, Jotaro, Josuke

Husbando Wars was as divisive as ever, if not by design. And the first widespread debut of our new trivia game adapted by the CollegeHumor gameshow of the same name, Um, Actually was received quite well.

Our very extensive raffle prizes all went to good homes. Thanks to Sakura Media and RightStuf Anime for sponsoring these prizes!

And of course, it wouldn’t be an aniclub event if there was no cursed dabbing photo.

Once again, thank you to everyone who attended, and we hope you had a good time!