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VANime Discord





Created by UBC and SFU anime club alumni, VANime is a discord server for otaku culture in the Metro Vancouver Region.

Pearl Fever



Thanks to Pearl Fever this year for providing us with a number of free Drinks to share with you. One of their locations is right here at UBC, in the village. Check them out and try their amazing bubble teas and smoothies!




The world’s largest destination for Anime and Manga fans, Crunchyroll has a huge streaming anime library for all your seasonal and binge-watching needs!

Glico Canada Corporation

Glico logo




We would like to thank the Glico corporation for their generous donation of Pejoy and Pocky!

Glico is a multi-national Japanese food company, headquartered in Osaka. The company is known for products such as Pocky, which has become a household name around the world.