Showing #4: Week of October 14th 2012

Voting has begun to determine which series we will be following for the rest of the term, so choose wisely. Voting will close this Thursday at 8PM. Vote Here.

This week’s event is: Gaming Night! We have booked three separate rooms in Buchanan, each for a different console. You are free to move between all three rooms. If you have any suggestions for games, please email us at We will try to accomodate your suggestions.

Friday October 19th at BUCH A104
5:00-6:15 – Anime: Members’ Voted Anime: K, Magi and Psycho-Pass
6:15-7:00 – Dinner Break
7:00-10:00 – Gaming Night
                                    BUCH A102: Wii Room – Mario Kart & Super Smash Brawl
                                    BUCH A103: PS2 Room – Games TBA
                                    BUCH A104: PS3 Room – Games TBA

All current and future activities and events are always updated on our Event Calendar.

Showing #3: Week of October 7th 2012

This week will be the last of our ‘previews’; voting will commence after Friday, so come take a look for what’s airing currently. Details regarding voting will be released in the next two weeks.

This week’s special activity is a Cosplay Workshop. The cosplayers running the workshop are club members, as well as veterans with plenty of advice for cosplayers of all levels. Convention etiquette and creating, buying, and maintaining cosplay will be covered. This workshop will certainly be helpful for the upcoming Halloween Social and Akimatsuri convention!

Friday October 12th at BUCH A104
5:00-6:15 – Anime: To be decided
6:15-7:00 – Dinner Break
7:00-8:00 – Cosplay Workshop
8:00-10:00 – Anime: To be decided

Showing #2: Week of September 30th 2012

The Winter season of anime has finally begun! The next two showings, starting with this one, will give you a chance to see what currently airing series you would like to see. Afterwards, you, the members, can decide which shows we continue to watchKeep checking back here for an updated list of what we will watch this Friday!

This week’s activity is an anime club classic, Karaoke. You can sing anything you want, though most members prefer to sing J-pop or Vocaloid songs. We will have two microphones, so you can even do a duet! We will be using a queue system on the chalkboard to decide who sings what next. You can choose music from any internet source, with or without vocals.

Friday October 5th at BUCH A104
5:00-6:15 – Anime: To be decided
6:15-7:00 – Dinner Break
7:00-10:00 – Karaoke: In BUCH A201 (upstairs)

Showing #1: Week of September 23rd 2012

Until the new season starts (early-mid October), we will watch shows that members requested when they filled out the surveys at our icebreaker. Please be respectful when watching anime in the club; others may not have seen the series yet. Membership will be available at the showing, or any of our weekly showings if you haven’t had the chance to purchase it yet. Speak to our Treasurer, Ivy.

Friday September 28th at BUCH A104
5:00-6:15 – Anime: Sword Art Online
6:15-7:00 – Dinner Break
7:00-8:30 – Manga Round Robin
8:30-10:00 – Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

>> Learn More about this week’s activity and anime series

Creative Director: Recruiting a New Executive!

The UBC Anime Club is looking for a talented and responsible individual to become part of our executive team. The Creative Director will be in charge of designing and producing club art for advertising and promotional purposes, and will help organize events with the rest of the team. An executive position in a university club looks excellent on a resume. >> Learn More