Welcome to UBC Anime Club! (Imagine Day 2021)

Thanks for coming to check us out on this year’s rather… different Imagine Day. Again. This page serves as a hub of relevant links for you to click through, as well as a general overview of who we are, what we do, and what we have planned for today. 

Join our virtual booth via our Discord server at ubcani.com/discord

Until later this year when in-person restrictions are loosened, the vast majority of real time interaction, whether it’s chatting or running online versions of our weekly activities, will probably take place in our Discord. You can chat to us (the execs) in real time for whatever you need, as well as other members! 

For Imagine Day, the schedule is as follows. These games will be hosted online via our Discord. Check the #imagine-day channel for live updates, more information, or to ask related questions! 

3:30 – 4:30 PM: Weeb Jackbox (Quiplash)
4:30 – 5:30 PM: Weebs Against Humanity

Have more general questions about the club that aren’t answered here? We’ll also be hosting a UBCAni Q&A panel simultaneously (once again, in Discord). Stop by to say hi or ask whatever you like!

Join our mailing list for weekly newsletter updates on what we’re planning each week as well as events, both hosted by us and relevant ones from partners, and featured artwork from our own members. Normal daily online discussion will take place in our Discord server, and all events and announcements will be mirrored in our Discord server as well. If we host any online events in future, these too will take place in- you guessed it- the Discord server. So, be there!

Like our Facebook page and/or join our group to watch out for our Facebook events, where clicking going to RSVP can mean another raffle ticket to our various anime figure and other prize giveaways! Are you an artist? Don’t forget to join our artist-specific Facebook group as well!

A very general overview about us

In essence, UBCAni is a social club for anime fans to gather and sometimes do anime related activities. Throughout the school year, we cycle through different activities for members to participate in each Friday evening, from 5PM onwards. While we have dedicated time blocks for anime viewings and artist meetups, the main focus of each weekly is the activity, which includes things like karaoke, board games night, video games night, group dinner outings, and much more. In the event that we are forced to lock down and go back to being online only instead, our online activities are usually playing some sort of game together online such as Skribblio, Mafia, Anime Music Quiz, etc. 

Throughout the year, we also host bigger, paid events such as our Halloween and Valentine’s Socials and a cosplay cafe. The first event will be our icebreaker, so mark your calendars for September 24th

For more information, feel free to explore the tabs at the top of our website, ranging from who our sponsors are (flashing your membership card will get you discounts and deals), our current executive team, our mascots, and our other social media!

Check below the break for a basic guide on how to use Discord and join/participate in our server!

How to use Discord 

Once you’ve clicked the link above, you will be taken to a Discord webpage that will prompt you to either open the Discord app if you already have it downloaded, download it if you haven’t already, or to simply use the slightly more limited in-browser web version of Discord. Choose whatever option works best for you! 

If you have the Discord app, or have opted to use the web version, you can click the blue “Continue to Discord” button which will open our server in whatever you chose to use. If you have an account, simply log in if prompted and you will be in! If you do not have an account, please click the Register button at the bottom of the prompt and make an account, then log in. 

You should then have the option to click a blue “Accept Invite” button, which will take you to the server. 

Clicking it will prompt the app to open if you have it installed, or you can just click the “Continue to Discord” button below to use the web version. 

You may feel overwhelmed at first, but read through the direct message our bot sent you in the top left for a rundown on how to get started and then our #rules channel. Then you’re all set to get started! 

Still unfamiliar with Discord? A quick rundown: the servers (which are effectively group chats) you’re in are listed on the leftmost bar. The channels for our server are next on the left. Each # channel is a text chat dedicated to its labeled topic. Scroll all the way down and you’ll see our voice channels, where you can click the channels with the speaker icon to join in with your microphone. 

The main text chat is in the center. The member list is in the column on the right. At the top of the member list are our club’s execs. Feel free to direct message one if you have questions by clicking their name and typing into the message box. By clicking an exec’s name you can also see what their exec role is. You can also “ping” all execs by typing an @ followed by exec-ping. We also have moderators whose primary role is to watch over the Discord. All other roles are effectively decorative and based on the amount of messages you’ve sent in the server or events we host.