Imagine Day 2012

We had a great time on Imagine Day at UBC! Although the weather was hot and bright that day, we came prepared. ;D Our booth in front of Koerner Library probably won the award for having the most umbrellas. All of the execs were carrying around umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun.

Execs with their protective umbrellas!

Our plush mascots were also seen sporting stylish sunglasses.

Koolbey and Nyankool-sensei. 😀

If you came to visit our table and signed up for the mailing list, you got free candy! >w< Free for the price of a contract. Just kidding. XP The execs and I had fun seeing people arrive at our table-both previous members and new people interested in our club.


We also had cosplayers at our booth so it wasn’t difficult to miss our table (especially C.C. with her lime green hair and Madoka with her pink hair).

For everyone that came and visited our table, thank you for visiting <3! We hope to see you more during the year!