Icebreaker 2019 Recap

The icebreaker video is now available to the public!

Thanks to everyone who came to our icebreaker on Friday, and extra thanks/kudos to all our volunteers who kept things moving!

Though the first couple of hours were messy, things smoothed out by dinner break. Photos can be accessed through our gallery tab.

The activities we ran:
Anime Trivia/Jeopardy and Name That Anime Tune, generously hosted by alumni execs Johnson and Phillip, as well as our current librarian Frank!

Cardboard cosplay contest, hosted by events coordinator Rose and creative director Trisha!

And more generic icebreaker games, run by president Jack and the other execs as well as the volunteers, which we don’t have any photos of.

The raffle went decently, though it seemed nobody had the tickets for- or wanted- the UtaPri folder, so the only two people in the room who were interested in it rock-paper-scissored to decide the victor. Congratulations to the winners of our two big prize figures!

Once again, thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered! (´・ω・`)