Drawpile Announcement & 10.4.19 Weekly Recap: Creative Night

We will now be hosting a Drawpile session during every weekly artist meetup that isn’t a workshop/event! Participation is completely optional, but Drawpile is a software that allows multiple artists to draw simultaneously, real-time, on the same digital canvas. It requires a computer with internet access and your method of digital drawing of choice (e.g. graphics tablet), but that’s all! Any artist in the club can join remotely as well. Look out for the session room code and password each week in the #art-discussion channel of our Discord server or in our Facebook group specifically for artists!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first test run, and we hope to see you at future artist meetups! Full resolution canvas can be found here. Closeups and the weekly recap will be under the break.

A simple game of competitive Pictionary warmed everyone’s creative juices up for the 4komas, or rather, 6 komas. Unfortunately, we don’t have copies of the abominations people produced- any of the good ones were taken home by the creators before we remembered to snap a photo of them or rightfully disposed of, never to see the light of day again. Only one remnant exists- this 6koma from a team with superior, godlike taste in anime:

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate, and we hope to see you at our future weeklies and events!