Creative Director: Recruiting a New Executive!

The UBC Anime Club is looking for a talented and responsible individual to become part of our executive team. The Creative Director will be in charge of designing and producing club art for advertising and promotional purposes, and will help organize events with the rest of the team. An executive position in a university club looks excellent on a resume.

Application Details

In order to be eligible for the position, you MUST:

-Be a registered member of the club.
-Have been in post secondary education for at least a year.
-Be a registered student at UBC Vancouver for the 2012-2013 winter term.
-Be well versed in the use of Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or some other graphic design software to create pamphlets, logos, graphics, etc. Skills in digital art (drawing using a computer and tablet) are an asset.
-Be able to attend weekly executive meetings on Monday evenings, as well as most club events.

If you are interested in this position, send us an email at, including the following:

-Member Number
-Sample Advertising Poster: Must contain artwork drawn by you, featuring our club’s mascot, Yubi Shiani. Please submit the poster in .psd format.

The deadline for application is October 12th.