2023 Nominees!

Feel free to reach out on Discord to anyone with the Nominee role if you have any questions, and please show up to the Annual General Meeting on the 24th at 7 PM to watch the nominees presentations!



Yo! I am poff.

I am working to bring some changes to the structure of our exec team so we can run bigger and better events going forward, and I also have some exciting news for everyone.

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/cthxefbm

Oleg Chepakovich

Hello! My name is Oleg and I was asked to run for both President and Sponsorship Coordinator roles for next year! You can vote for me for both, but I will get only one in the end!

I’ve been an executive for two years now (previously treasurer, and currently president). I am known for my crossplays at club’s big events. UBC Ani is my outlet for sharing interests with other people! You can find me on UAD falling down multiple rabbit holes of weeb fandom.

I have a lot more growing to do but hope to do it alongside the community I’ve grown to love over the past few years. The best thing I can promise is listening to members’ voices and concerns. I’ll make sure that the club is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone!

My Slides:

Jacob Zhang

Hi, I’m Jacob and this year I’m running for President! UBCANI has been a nice little home for me ever since I entered UBC and I thought it was about time for me to start returning to favour back to the club. I hope that you guys can come out and support me and help me grow the club. Hoping next year will be another great year for UBCANI 🙂 

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/265cw27d

Vice President

Afiq Aqlan

Hi I’m Afiq. I’m pretty sure I’m very recognizable on discord so Ion think i gotta say much. I think you all know I make for a pretty good executive who can complete work as well as come up with ideas, and I’m a good contrarian who forces everyone to look at everything before making a final decision. You can trust me to ensure the exec works well, and you can trust me with VP because I’m basically already doing that.

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/mry77jar


Kylla Castillo                          

Hellooooooo I’m kylla (kyami#0001) and I’m a 3rd year poli sci student. You may know me by some of my other many names I’ve used on the server such as high value alpha male, god of rizz, and I love Chaewon! I like video games, ditto, and digital art! You may also have met me from weeklies, events, the clubroom, or that one sus artist meetup workshop I co-hosted as I love meeting new people. Tbh I’ve grown to really love the club and I’m so happy I’ve found my place in UBC 🙂

I have experience working with money from my hs theatre club where I’d count money and track fees. I also have previous paid admin work (my office lady arc) where I organized documents, filled out paperwork, and more! As exec I want to foster a vibrant and welcoming community! Vote for me and I won’t let you down 😉

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/29f9mtfe

Josh Chua

Hi all!~ I’m Josh and or Galdever, and I’m running for treasurer this year. I’m a second year Mechanical Engineering student and want to finally put all my excel and sheets knowledge to use by managing the clubs finances.

I’ve been in the club for the past 2 year and have volunteered at every event since I joined, from Icebreakers to coscafes. You might have noticed me towering over you in one of my various femboy cosplays at events, while out advertising during imagine/clubs day, or just in the club room.

As someone who’s extremely active in the club, I’m looking to make sure everyone can have fun at our events and to keep everything going smoothly so I don’t have to reinstate my role as security and haul someone out.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to dm me I’m always open to feedback!

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/2sttjw2n

Sponsorship Coordinator

Matthew Chau

Wah! Hello everyone! I am Matthew (Jamnut#8844). I am a UBC student in my 3rd year Physics major. I came from Hong Kong 2 years ago to attend UBC. I was an event coordinator last year and I am now returning as a sponsorship coordinator! I watch a lot of vtuber and I also love collecting vtuber merchandise as well. Because of this, I know a lot of the merchandise companies around Vancouver and Internationally as well. I think I would make a good SC because I have secured sponsorships in the past (Coca Cola, Topshop and more!). I am also in close contact with a lot of sponsors and partners that are part of UBCAni’s sponsors. If you are eager to enjoy the benefits our sponsorship gives us in the future, make sure to vote for me!

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/2p9f8p3f

Oleg Chepakovich

If you haven’t already, please read my presidential bio – this is a part 2 (specifically for SC)!

I am an active collector of weeb merch and I semi-frequently visit various food places around Vancouver. I know what sorts of discounts members would expect from an Anime club and I also have a really good understanding of when the club needs sponsored prizes for giveaways.

Some of the things I’ve done for the club that qualify me as a good SC are:
– Securing a table at Anirevo (will push for 3 days this summer)
– Securing the club two new big merch store sponsors that supplied pop-up hanami with prizes (Hobby Bee and Genshin Van)
– Negotiated with Imperial Hobbies for sponsor prizes at pop-up hanami

I have close connections with current sponsors and a couple well-known cosplayers here in Vancouver. My goal is to invite more famous performers and guests to pop-up hanami to attract a larger crowd!

My Slides

Marketing Director

Ray Raffaele

 It’s time to run it back. This year I plan to coordinate the hell out of our marketing, and grow the club even more! I absolutely love this club, and im excited to see where next year takes us! ᕕ( ・ω・)ᕗ

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/234nysmu

Social Media Manager

Spencer Terry

Hey what’s up everyone, I’m Spencer (previasens), I’ve been the Secretary of UBC Ani for the past year! I’m going into my 3rd year and hopefully 2nd as an exec.

I’ve worked in social media / outreach for the past year, I have experience in graphic design, marketing practices, web design, and aside from that, coordinated kaiji Night (w naomi!!), led the Pop-Up Hanami serving team, and am just generally excited to help push the club to ever higher peaks next year! I am more than determined to be a part of the club’s legacy by applying my knowledge and skills for the benefit of UBC Ani. As a way to repay the club for helping me find all the friends I have today, I hope to see you all again next year in my hopefully completed assortment of Blue Lock cosplays! ψ(._. )

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/4mh86tvn

Yu Noguchi

I’m Yu Noguchi. I am a third-year standing international student. I’m from Tokyo. I’m double majoring in IR and Asian area studies. I am pretty new to anime and was originally a big Disney/ K-pop fan, but Rengoku-san made me shift to anime almost completely. I love socializing with people and helping out if needed! I also enjoy cosplaying my favorite characters as well!

As for experience with social media, I worked in a company in Japan for a year and a half, editing Youtube videos, which includes making a thumbnail and editing videos both on Adobe software. I’m also capable of time managing between my study, hobbies, and work as I did so last year’s summer with 2 works at the same time. I’d love to be part of this club to support and share more Japanese pop culture with those who love and enjoy them!

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/39xfcbcf

Jessica Chen

Hi guys! I’m Jessica, or Radish, and I’m running to become your new Social Media Manager. I’m currently really into ‘Play it Cool, Guys,’ which is the perfect length to consume your food to. My qualifications for this position are: being the former Gardenbank Conservation Society’s Associate of Marketing, managing my cadet squadron’s social media platform, and founding the F.A.N Club back in highschool. Just like Mappa, I want bite off more than I can chew, create good content, and make it out in one piece. Give me chance and, I promise, you’ll like it a lot.

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/3rkbfnhf

Nandika Kumar

Hi everyone! I’m Nandika, and I’m running for Social Media Manager! I’ve been pretty active in this club since 2020 and I love being a part of it. I study Psychology at UBC, but outside of studies I enjoy taking photos and making art. Anyway, I am applying for this role because I love talking to people and would love to create graphics and fun announcements for the club. My favourite anime to talk about are Fruits Basket and Naruto, however the list is always evolving. Also, I really love cats!

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/44ecwf4y

Events Coordinator

Naomi Loy

I coordinated Icebreaker, Valentines Social (w poff!!), Kaiji Night (w spencer!!), Halloween Social, and Pop-Up Hanami~ Let’s run some more events next year (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/25rp3452

Weekly Coordinator

Nick van Gruen 

Hey all, I’m Nick! I’ve been involved with UBCAni since starting at UBC. I’ve previously volunteered with UBCAni at Coscafé and Valentines Social, and this year I helped organize the Coscafé portion of Pop-Up Hanami as Food lead. I organized the sourcing, testing, and plating of items before coming to a finalized menu for Coscafé. I also helped recruit and run the food team for the event!

For more fun stuff about me, I’m also heavily involved with Sprouts (where I’m currently a Board Member!) My favourite genres of anime are shounen and comedy, I have watched and read all episodes/chapters of One Piece (dedication right there), I love playing soccer (I am Blue Lock frfr), and I will literally kill someone for a freshly baked Yorkshire Pudding.

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/yuu9546s

Screenings Director

Colin Yang

Hi I am colin I am running for screening coordinator. I have watched many the animes, and am very qualified to do this (I have VLC media player). Come to the AGM and prepare to have your socks blown off by my amazing presentation, and if I am elected I promise to continue doing what the position is expected to do, such as watching animes the, and other things.

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/j7bmu45b


Hello! I am Loach and while I’ve been in the club for just under 2 years, you’ve most likely seen me talking on the discord server or helping out/participating at various events.

This year I’m running for screening director because I love watching anime and want to both share some of my favourites as well as explore some of the ones you love!

I love all kinds of different shows, ranging from basic shounen to magical girl and idol shows!

My favourite show is Houseki no Kuni.

See you at AGM this friday, where I hope to answer all your questions. Have a good week and good luck on your midterms!

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/5n7ncy3s

Jose Navarro

Hi everyone, I’m Jose Navarro, a recent UBC grad that is not in education, employment or training (more or less) who wishes to become Screenings Director in UBC Ani as a way to force myself to get out of the house and touch grass at least once a week. I want to become Screening Director specifically because I believe I have what is called “Patrician Taste” which I will share with everyone. But in all seriousness, I am also open to suggestions and hype for seasonals, and I like seeing what everyone else likes—I want to create an environment where people can share their favorites. My favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, however I am also a big enjoyer of visual novels and I firmly believe Umineko no Naku Koro ni is among the best written works of fiction.

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/5n9yypp6

Creative Director


Hi ♡\(´꒳`)/♡♡ I’m Jia and you can call me Chary or Jegg! I’m a second year majoring in Asian Studies, and I’m super excited to run as one of your candidates for Creative Director! I’ve been drawing digitally since high school (Photoshop + Medibang) and have been working on donation commissions since first year; I also have experience in marketing and design! (and sometimes fight Premiere to make animatics ✧)

I love unnecessarily complex and impractical character design + I’m currently playing FE3H, Genshin, and FFXIV \( `∀´ )Ψ Talk to me anytime about art or indie games @chary#2263 ^^! Looking forward to meeting everyone at the AGM! ඞ

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/53ckjzz8

Callie Xie

yeEhAW I’m Callie but you might know me better as cow or mixiemi :E I love two things: anime and anime art.  A major catalyst in my joining the club was also because of how cool the art on the membership card was (I really wanted that card), and now I too want to be part of creating anime art for the anime club. I was mostly a shadow member in 2021-2022 but have been trying to contribute and participate whenever I have time this year. I have worked on server emotes, am currently working on T-shirt designs, and a little bit of other stuff here and there. Next year, I would like to make more mascot merch as well as try to make a con at UBC a reality :DD

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/bden7jwk

Meraki Wang

Hi! I’m Meraki, a third year student in UBC studying commerce. I volunteered to draw posters for the club’s event and I’m currently a member of UBCAni Artist Collective. I started to booth in the pop-up hanami and participated in Canitober and Summer Art Contest. I got so many great experiences in UBCAni and now I would like to contribute more to the community! I play casually in Genshin and Apex Legends and would really like to draw cute girls…

AGM Slides: https://tinyurl.com/2p9568kf